change / edit / update default apple ID to another ID on mac APP Store

When we start mac OS first time it always require to enter apple ID and password which helps us to install free apps and also helps to purchase paid APPS if required.  

When some new user wants to use that mac apple machine with his/her different user name and password then it works for normal operations but when new user wants some update or new application installation then it again required the previous Apple ID password now in this situation new user can't change / edit / update default apple ID.

Apple OS is developed and designed in such a way that it keep asking for same previous Apple ID and password and it make hard situation for new user it does NOT easily allow new user to change new apple ID because that user name field will not be editable at this time to add new apple ID. 

After searching a lot on many blogs some of  suggesting that to re-installation the complete Operating System that will reset all the setting in default mode, Some people are even saying its NOT possible to change, edit, update previous apple ID, I could't digest this logic just for such issue because reinstalling process is unnecessary time taking useless job.

After so much struggle I found these useful steps to resolve this issue..

go to System Preferences> Click on iCloud > then Click on "Sign Out".

go to APP Store > Click on Store and "Sign Out" 

Open iTune and > Click on Account > "Sign Out" 

I am sure you must be aware and  tried these above steps but now next step is very
important :-

Click on Finder > Click on Applications > and delete / remove all the previously installed APPS associated with the previous Apple ID account.     

after deleting apps now start APP Store again and click on update it will popup new apple ID login window.

Enter new apple ID and password and try to update OS and reinstall required AAPS again. 

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Unknown said...

Thanks for providing solution to the problem. I can now log in to icloud :)