Allahabad High Court ICT Post Question Answer Objective Type

All High Court ICT Post MCQs

The Uttar Pradesh Fast Track Court/Additional Court & Contractual ICT Posts Recruitment-2017

Q1. Which of the following allow us to create, view, edit, store, format, retrieve and print text documents?

(A)Operating System
(C)Word Processor
(C)Word processor
Q2.Program or subroutine stored in ROMs, PROMs, EPROMS, or EEPROMs are knows as ?

Q3.Which of the following is a non-relation database system?

Q4.Which of the following is an Open-source software ?

(A)Adobe Reader
Q5.In Oracle 12c, the letter 'C' stands for?

Q6.Which of the following is NOT a correct version of Oracle database system ?

Q7.In Oracle, a database is divided into one or more logical storage unit called?

Q8.Which of the following statements is FALSE?

(A)A view is tailored presentation is the data contained in one or more tables.
(B)A view actually doesn't contain data.
(C)A view takes the output of a query and treats it as a table.
(D)Like tables, a view is also allocated storage space data.
(D)Like tables, a view is also allocated storage space data.
Q9.SQL was initially developed by?

Q10.Which of the following can be thought of as a stored query or a virtual table?

(B)Primary index
(C)Secondary index
(D)Database table
Q11.Which of the following command is used to view the structure of a table ?

(D)DESC table
(D)DESC table
Q12.In which of the following categories of software the source code is available for anyone to inspect and alter?

(C)Open-source software
(D)Proprietary software
(C)Open-source software
Q13..Which of the following is a Data Definition Language (DDL) command ?

Q14.With respect to software development(IDE) stands for ?

(A)Integrated Development Environment
(B)Isolated Development Environment
(C)Integrated Design Environment
(D)Isolated Design Environment
(A)Integrated Development Environment(IDE)