can't find required tool pdflatex apple imac

can't find required tool pdflatex apple imac 

latex does not exist. Perhaps TeXLive was not install or was removed during a system upgrade. if so, go to the TexShop web site and follow the instructions to (re)install TexLive. Another possibility is that a tool path is incorrectly configured in TeXShop preference. This can happen if you are using the fink teTex distribution. 

If you are getting above showing error in your apple iMac desktop / laptop you may follow solution given below to resolve this issue you can try to reinstalling the texlive on apple mac machine from here or provide the correct path of pdflatex compiler.

$which pdflatex (command to find the pdflatex path) 


now go to the mactex texlive software "preference " and paste this path. 

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