configure gmail IMAP with thunderbird mail client

If you wish to have access of your all emails on local machine (PC/Laptop), there are several E-mail client programs are available such as thunderbird, outlook, putty (for non-gui) many others we can use any one them as per our choice.

I will show steps to configure thunderbird for example.

first download it from and install it on your PC/Laptop.

now click on "View setting for this account" then click on "account actions" then click on "Add Mail Account"

now provide your name, E-mail address and password.

now in this stage choose very carefully these options if you wish to keep your mails on both gmail server and also your local machine so let it be IMAP  (Internet Message Access Protocol) by default if you choose POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) then your mails will no longer be available on gmail servers, I always prefer to use IMAP.
It should automatically take all the required incoming and outgoing settings if you are not able to see this then there may be some restriction on your internet firewall servers contact your system admin or your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

after this it will pop-up your gmail password window for user authentication provide the password and allow thunderbird to use access your mails.

Note :-  Here I am using example of globally available very popular gmail configuration settings but you may also use same settings for your own organizational based mails servers also but make sure from your system administrator side that IMAP service access is allowed. 

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