NITI Aayog 'Think Tank' AIRAWAT AI plan invest

NITI Aayog the 'Think Tank' of Govt. of India AIRAWAT 

NITI Aayog is the premier policy 'Think Tank' of the Government of India.

Planned for creating an institutional framework for artificial intelligence (AI) in the country. 

It has circulated a cabinet note to provide Rs 7,500 crore in funding for creation of cloud computing platform called "AIRAWAT" and research institutes. 

The "AIRAWAT" will be a cloud based platform for Big Data Analytics and Assimilation, with a large, power-optimized AI Computing infrastructure using advanced AI processing. 

The expected Infrastructure will be equipped with for world’s leading facilities like :- 

  • Machine learning including deep learning
  • High Performance 
  • High Throughput 
  • Super computing
  • Processing

Simulate and analyse big data sets such as images, video, text, sound, speech.
AIRAWAT will also support the advancement of AI-based developments in image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing for research, development and creation of varieties of new applications for the support of advancements in the fields of Agriculture and Healthcare,” .

Official told that the Aayog has already circulated the note for consideration by the Expenditure Finance Committee, which is expected to take it up soon.

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