USB Condom How it works keep devices safe and secure

usb-condom-how-it-works-keep-devices-safeWhat is USB Condom ? How it works How to keep your devices safe.

The Original USB Condom prevents accidental data exchange.

When your device is plugged into someone else’s PC / Laptop or a public charging station.

When you have to connect your devices to anywhere in public domain, to wireless or wired network area, or USB power charging port its always not sure that these are safe or not. 

The Original USB Condom device achieves this by blocking the "data pins" on any USB cable and allowing only USB charging power to flow through this device. this minimizes opportunities to steal your data or install malware on your personal mobile device.

It Works with any mobile device, The Original USB Condom is the 'non-cased' version of the Syncstop.

Why it's require : Now days hackers are fishing users leave USB charging cord at public places to grab those users who forget to carry USB charging with them and needs to charge their through USB devices and they just connect when they find free to charge in such cases scammers get opportunity to hack your devices. 

Its being notice in several places that hackers attacked through ransomware program
and they lock users device and then ask you to pay "fee" to unlock your device.

so its always best idea to use "USB condom" device when you really need to connect
your devices in public places such as railway station, Airport, Hotels and other 
known places.

USB charger scam called "Juice jacking" they may infect the phone and USB devices. 

So with the help of this small device we can keep our personal devices safe and secure easily.  

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