All Villages will be provided free Wi-Fi services till-march 2020-govt of India

According to Communication and IT Minister Ravi Shankar, Free WiFi services will be provided to all villages across the country through Bharat net till March 2020. 

48,000 villages will be provided free WiFi till March, 2020.

Inaugurating Digital Village Gurawara in Rewari in Haryana, the Union Minister said, the Ministry has already connected one lakh 30 thousand gram panchayats through Bharatnet.
The target is to take this to two lakh 50 thousand gram
panchayats. Shree Ravi Shankar Prasad also said, the target of the government is to convert at least 15 per cent of   villages to the digital village in the next four years.
The Minister said, the process of empowering villages is on    track and day is not far off when rural India will take the lead in shaping the country's of dreams. 
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