Tips to improve Linux Windows Performance

Top tips to improve Performance of Linux & Windows PC Desktop, Laptop Server Performance

If you are a Windows, Linux user facing slow down performance with your Desktop, Laptop, Server it may help for primary level diagnosis and probably resolve the issue, and  "improve Linux Windows Performance". 

When you feel your computer, laptop PC is running show or getting stuck when you try to run any application program on your system, there may be several reason in such cases:- 

1.  Hardware of your computer, laptop PC may not be working properly, it may         be malfunctioning, due to overheat or faulty component.  

Just check status of your CPU fan make sure its NOT making any abnormal noise or check for dust or any other obstacles. 

2.  Make sure your computer desktop, laptop PC Operating System is updating, 
     restating properly.
3. Its very common problem which many people faces very frequently is that unwanted, corrupted software application programs or demo adware, in case of windows "Computer Virus" is one of the major issue try to scan your computer, laptop PC with good anti virus software and also scan for anti malware spyware software "to improve Linux Windows Performance". 

You can also check if any unnecessary software program NOT running in your OS background which also may reduce performance of your computer desktop, laptop PC, It may eat your important computer hardware resources such as CPU, RAM which is the serious cause of show down performance of your computer Desktop, Laptop PC. 

You can check the status of process running in background using CTRL+ALT+DEL then click on "TASK MANAGER" then click on "Performance", it will show how much resources are in used presently (CPU, RAM). 

You can check status and close unnecessary application,  just click on "Process" TAB and close unknown not usable application process by right click "End TASK". 

If you are a Linux user then you can ignore point No.3 but unwanted, corrupted software application programs may effect in case of Linux Operating system also. 

Here you can check the status of used resources using command :- 

$ top 

It will show list of applications running with specific process ID, You can identify  unknown not usable application process and kill (close) them which will enhance performance of your Desktop PC, Laptop, Server machine.

Command to kill process :- 
# kill -9 PID 

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You may also find process ID of any specific program using "ps aux" command.
ps displays information about a selection of the active processes. If you want a repetitive update of the selection and the displayed information.

ps (processes status) is a native Unix/Linux utility for viewing information concerning a selection of running processes on a system: it reads this information from the virtual files in /proc file system. 

It is one of the important utilities for system administration specifically under process monitoring, to help you understand whats is going on a Linux system.
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