Google setup AI LAB in Bangaluru india Sundar Pichai CEO

Google will setup AI LAB in Bangalore India, Sundar Pichai CEO of Google

Google will setup AI LAB in Bangalore India, Sundar Pichai CEO
Google headquarters California, United States America (USA) announced that google will set-up a research Lab in Bangalore India. 

This Lab will work on advancing artificial intelligence related research that will help in solving problems related to agriculture, healthcare, and education. 

Through tweeter Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, said that "We announced Google Research India a new AI research team in Bangalore that will focus on advancing Computer Science and applying AI research to solve big problems in health agriculture, education and more".

Caesar Sengupta, vice-president, Billion Users Initiative and Payments at Google, said that team would focus on advancing fundamental computer science and AI research by building a strong team and partnering with the research community across the country. It will also be applying this research to tackle problems in fields such as healthcare, agriculture, and education.

Jay Yagnik, vice-president and Google Fellow, Google AI, said, The lab will be a part to support Google’s global network of researchers.

We are also exploring the potential for partnering with India’s scientific 
research community and academic institutions to help train top talent and 
support collaborative programs tools and resources. 

How Quantum Computers works ? 

Quantum computers work in a fundamentally different way from classical machines, a classical bit is either a 1 or a 0, but a quantum bit, or "qubit"
(In quantum computing, a qubit or quantum bit is the basic unit of quantum information), can exist in multiple states at once. 

When qubits are inextricably linked, physicists can exploit the interference between their wave-like quantum states to perform calculations that might otherwise take millions of years.

"Google said that its quantum computer is the first to perform a calculation that would be practically impossible for a classical machine".

University of California, Santa Barbara, and Google in Mountain View, California, says that its quantum computer carried out a specific calculation that is beyond the practical capabilities of regular, ‘classical’ machines.

The same calculation would take even the best classical supercomputer 10,000 years to complete, Google estimates. 
  • Google opened its first artificial intelligence (AI) center in Ghana Accra in Africa. 
  • Telangana government has decided to declared 2020 as "Year of Artificial Intelligence", this event was celebrated by organizing various activities related to the emerging technology, Jayesh Ranjan, principal secretary, IT and Industries. 
  • ISRO will help UAE for the launching its first spacecraft "Hope Probe".
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