apache web server disable directory listing browsing

How to "Disable Directory Listing Browsing" on Linux Cent HTTP Apache Web Server 

Normally apache Web Server comes with default feature enabled directory listing, But its suggested that NOT to keep it always enable its always best safe, secure idea to get it disabled unless you really required it for any specific purpose on you web server. 

When Its NOT Disable it will show all your files and folders on web web server can be easily accessible for anyone on intranet or internet. 


If You wish to stop "disable Directory Listing on you web server' you may simply make a small change and make your web server secure. 

Open apache web server main configuration file called "httpd.conf" using your favorite file editor for example in my case I am using "gedit" you can use any other text editor such as vim, pico, nano, emacs etc.  and edit this as shown below.

# gedit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Here Notice this "Indexes" in above line which makes all file "listing enable on web server" you can just remove this particular word "Indexes" and save your main configuration file then restart web server. 

After Successfully  restating of web server just refresh your web server web URL page and test it, you will see its DONE, It will show your same page like this. 

refresh This kind of page result make sure that your web server directory listing is now stopped and will not show any other page which you don't want to share in publicly. 
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