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How to reset Ubuntu root password, Crack hack change Ubuntu root user password ?

It happens sometime when we face problem on login-in Ubuntu based Linux PC desktop Laptop/ computer when we forget password. 

But don't worry here you can use simple steps to 'reset ubuntu linux root user password'. 

There are many ways to 'reset ubuntu linux root user password' using simple technique. 

Here I am going to show one of the easy frequently used technique to 'reset Ubuntu Linux root user password'.

Steps, shows how to Reset your Forgotten Password in Ubuntu Machines ?

Restart your Ubuntu System, and when your computer boots up, press and hold the 'esc' key to enter into Recovery menu. select 'Advanced Options for Ubuntu' using your downward arrow key, and then press 'Enter'. 

After that, highlight 'Recovery Mode', and then press 'enter'. Again come to 'root - Drop to root shell prompt', and then then 'enter'. After that, press 'Enter' again for maintenance. After that, Follow three steps below:-

Remount the Root with write access

         mount -rw -o remount /

Use command below to list all users:-

        ls /home

Type command below to change password

        passwd username

Ubuntu boot loader mode  and choose 'Recovery Mode' select recovery mode press enter  


recovery mode option will allow you to choose root 'Drop to root shell prompt'  select and press enter.

Press 'Control-D' to continue.

# mount -rw -o remount /

If you wish to change user password then go to /home and check the user name then run 

# password username

It will ask you to enter new password two times.

Password updated successfully. 
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