Top 10 quiz plugin for wordpress

Top 10 list of wordpress  quiz plugin 

WordPress is a free and open-source PHP & MySQL based content management system, help to create professional web sites, along with the web sites if you wish to add some quiz, multiple choice question ans so simple search and install any of these freely available quiz plugin. 

How to add plugins 

Click on "Plugins" then "Add New" 


Search for "quiz Plugin"

Choose any one of your favorite plugin and install it. 

1. WP Quiz is a completely FREE quiz plugin that will let you create endlessly customizable and highly professional quizzes for your WordPress site.

Nothing is quite so sharable as a good quiz. WordPress Quiz plugin allows you to build quizzes easily and the end results are engaging, professional and dynamic. Impress your visitors, keep them engaged and get tons of shares! Best of all, it’s easy to use and completely FREE!

WP Quiz Plugin is the easiest way of creating viral content that people are eager to share. Your visitors can take part in the quiz you create, and this increases engagement by leaps and bounds.
You can create an unlimited number of Quizzes with the WP Quiz plugin, and each quiz is going to be responsive. So, your visitors can take part even from their mobile handsets as well as their tablets.

2. Quiz Cat Lets You Create Beautiful Viral BuzzFeed-style Quizzes That Drive Social Shares & Uses. 

As its name suggests, Quiz Cat is all about quizzes. Install it and you can effortlessly create quizzes for your website. Those quizzes, in turn, can be a true game-changer – engaging your audience to an extent you never thought possible.
That’s a bold statement to make, but we can back it up. As proof, just think about the revealing quizzes your friends may pass around on Facebook. Or the addictive pop culture quizzes from sites like BuzzFeed. In both cases, quizzes act as a kind of “digital glue” – making people stick to websites.
Your quiz, however, has something those old-school PC games didn’t.
Quiz Cat Features
We’ll give you the 4-1-1 on Quiz Cat right here. Everything you need to know about our quiz builder plugin, and nothing you don’t.
For starters, each Quiz has a beautiful “Quiz landing page” that comes with headline, subheadline, image and a beautiful “Start Quiz” button.
You should know that Quiz Cat lets you create unlimited quizzes. Feel free to create as many quizzes as you desire. There’s no limit, really.
The same is true for the questions in your quizzes. Each quiz you create with Quiz Cat can have as many questions as you want.
You should be aware that Quiz Cat is fully translateable.
All text strings in Quiz Cat’s backend support translation. On the frontend, most content can be changed to fit your target audience’s language, and the few things that can’t be changed from the user interface can be changed with PHP Filters (see the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab for more).
Being able to translate the plugin quiz makes sense given the international scope of web traffic. We want your quizzes to be enjoyed by everyone who visits your site. And our WordPress quiz plugin can do just that, making your quizzes linguistically accessible.
As long as we’re talking about translating quizzes with Quiz Cat, here’s a fun fact. Some of the creators of Quiz Cat are not native English speakers. Visit our website  and you’ll see this for yourself – our founder is a native German speaker. So when we decided to build a WordPress quiz plugin, it was a given that multilingual support would be included.
 3. HD Quiz is very easy to use and feature rich plugin to create an unlimited amount of quizzes and embed them on to any page or post.

4. A quick and easy quiz plugin to present a set of questions to your reader.
Easy Quiz is a quick and easy quiz plugin to present a set of questions to your reader and let them check the answers. The answers and the statistics are not stored in your database and the purpose of the quiz is purely your reader’s entertainment. It creates quizzes vaguely similar to the BBC Weekly Quiz.
All the survey/quiz plugins I found in the directory looked too complex for my purpose. They were good, but were geared toward serious purposes like collecting information, education and tracking etc. All I wanted to do was to create an interactive page for my readers to take a test for their own entertainment. I didn’t want to store their info on my server, give statistical analysis etc. So I wrote this plugin based on the excellent jQuery script called jQuizMe.
5. Contact forms, surveys, interactive polls with real-time results and Facebook-style quizzes, for WordPress.

Forminator is your completely free and completely expandable form maker plugin for WordPress. It’s the easiest way to create any form – from basic contact forms and feedback widgets to interactive polls with real-time results and buzzfeed-style “no wrong answer” quizzes.
6. Poll Quiz Add a beautiful & top performing Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form to your site. Create from scratch or use templates. Set it up in Minutes.

  • Boost engagement & traffic – add a poll, survey or quiz to your posts/pages to increases participation, time-on-site & page views. Increase social sharing and viral distribution
  • Gather more qualified leads – integrate a lead form inside the poll, quiz or survey. This will not only produce more leads, but will also produce qualified leads, as the leads will be associated with the answers of the users.
  • Generate revenue – take advantage of the high engagement rates to increase revenue from ads inside and outside of the interactive content.
  • Extract insights – get more insights using interactive polls & surveys designed to maximize participation. Extract actionable insights with a intuitive analytics dashboard.

7QUIZ MAKER plugin allows you to make an unlimited number of Quizzes, Exams and Tests.
WordPress Quiz maker. This plugin allows you make unlimited number of quizzes . Each QUIZ can includes unlimited questions. Questions can be single choice, multiple choice and dropdown . Plugin is very user friendly and easy to use. With Quiz Maker you can also categorize the questions and quizzes.

   8. A light weight quiz tool aimed at academics wanting to create interactive learning content.  This plugin allows you to display an individual question on a page, along with feedback for formative assessment using no form or page submission. It also handles summative assessment if you wish to deploy an entire quiz.

9. The Riddle Quiz Maker makes it easy to quickly create and embed quizzes, lists and polls and more on your blog. 

An online marketer’s best friend, Riddle is a quiz builder makes it easy to quickly create and embed quizzes, lists and polls on your blog in as little as 60 seconds.
“I’ve tried a bunch of quiz plugins this morning. Yours is the only one that truly does what I want it to do – the quiz MAKING is a wonderful experience.” 
Create engaging viral quizzes, polls, lists and surveys in just minutes. Collect emails and user responses to grow your email list and power your follow up marketing efforts.
Easy to embed in any post or page using our shortcode – your Riddles will get your audience to click, stay onsite, and share with their friends.

10.  Creates exams and quizzes with unlimited number of questions and answers. 
Create exams and quizzes and display the result immediately after the user takes the exam. You can assign grades and point levels for every grade in the exam / quiz. Then assign points to every answer to a question and Watu will figure out the grade based on the total number of points collected.

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