proxy settings for safari apple iMac

proxy settings for safari apple iMac 

Apple iMac OS has inbuilt browser called "Safari'  here we can follow few simple steps to configure proxy settings on apple's safari browser, this will configure proxy setting on your desktop / laptop on system wide global setting mode, after specifying proxy setting on safari this will be applicable on your all others installed browsers such as google-chrome, mozilla firefox. 

click on "apple icon" at the top left corner of your iMac OS.  


then click on "System Preferences" 

now click on "Network" 

click on "Ethernet" 

then click  on "Advanced

Now click  on "proxies

Now here just click on "web Proxy (HTTP)" "Secure web Proxy (HTTPS)", "FTP Proxy",  we can specify specific proxy settings as per our network environment provided by your System network administrator. 

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