boot loader repair/recovery after installing windows "Boot-Repair" tool

Boot loader repair/recovery after installing windows "Boot-Repair" tool

After installing windows on Ubuntu Linux PC/Laptop then GRUB boot loader may not allow you to use dual booting feature in this case there is a popular tool Boot-repair may be very helpful to resolve this issue very easily. 

It will basically reinstall GRUB and recover access on both Operating Systems. 

Steps to install Boot-Repair and repair dual booting.

Start your PC/Laptop on virtual Live CD Mode using CD/DVD or USB bootable media..connect your bootable device and allow your PC/Laptop to first boot from specific boot media from BIOS.  

This kind of desktop environment will appear when you will successfully boot Ubuntu on live CD/DVD virtual mode..

Now open a new Shell terminal then type the following..
      # add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair

# apt-get update 
# apt-get install -y boot-repair 
# boot-repair 

boot-repair command will scan boot loader related info and start 

Now click on Recommended repair (repair most frequent problem)
It will automatically repair the grub boot loader. reboot your system now.. 

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