Big data and cloud data

Big Data :- In terms of Information Technology Big Data is a large volume 
                              of structured or unstructured data that can be further processed for analysis using Data Analysis ican be further processed to extract information in various formats over the internet every seconds companies store that data to be analyzed using different tools increase the outcome and performance.
Big Data carry hidden patterns and algorithms which are unlocked by using various tools available in the market. These data sets are further analyzed to provide business insights

Cloud Data :- Cloud application based data storage access through network on 
                                           remote location. It use to store, share, retrieve data on internet allow easy accessibility of  your files folder etc. all over the globe. This advance technology used to store data and information on a remote server rather than on a physical hard drive. 
There is no need to run programs on client side device, users can simply access data through web browser using internet connectivity to access data files. Cloud computing is a new paradigm for computing resources.

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