Ama Balijatra APP Surya Narayan Thunkaa Puri Odisha

ama-balijatra-app-surya-narayan-thunkaa-puri-odisha "Ama Balijatra" APP Developed by a Software Engineer Surya Narayan Barik  

Balijatra  is a Voyage to Bali, this  festival is held in Odisha India, in the city of Cuttack at Gadagadia Ghata of the Mahanadi river, to mark the day when ancient Sadhabas Odia mariners would set sail to distant lands of Bali, as well as Java at the time of the voyage known as "Yawadvipa", Sumatra, Borneo in Indonesia, and Sri Lanka for trade and cultural expansion.

To commemorate this, the festival is celebrated every year from the day of Kartika Purnima, full moon day of the month of Kartika according to the Odia Calendar

The "Ama Balijatra" APP will pave your way towards your destination in the midst if the crowd. 

It will be available on Google play store for android devices before the onset of this grand fair.

You will find in the app details about entry, exit, Parking, location of Food stalls, Dahibara, Thunkaa Puri Point more details of entertainment events on the Stage, artists to be performed and many more can be searched and found through this app.

This great idea was executed by, Software Engineer Surya Narayan Barik, from Cuttack. Surya Narayan said, " Now a days, almost everybody has android devices. So this will be easy for them to find out details about "Baljatra" as the generation is well habituated with these devices apps. It will help outsiders especially those who are new to Cuttack and Balijatra also."

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