URKUND Plagiarism Software Tool

What is URKUND  Software tool?

URKUND  a software tool,  designed and developed by PrioInfo Stockholm, 
the capital of Sweden, Its educational text-matching system, with a focus on anti-plagiarism purpose.

URKUND software was selected by Inflibnet through a global tender for offering anti plagiarism services, Universities having MoU with INFLIBNET and under section 12(B)/2f of UGC Act and eligible for funding fromUGC.  All other Universities with MoU are eligible for special benefits extended to Inflibnet.

How URKUND works ?

URKUND software, online tool that, after analyzing student's assignment, is used to text-check student's assignment against other student's work to ensure that work of any student is NOT plagiarized.

The URKUND process starts when any student submits their document to the system. This can either be via the schools’ existing learning platform or as simple as sending it to company through email attachment. The system supports a wide variety of the most popular file formats such as .DOC, .PDF, etc. like your standard word processors as well as archives when emailed. Language independently the text is extracted from the document and the processing begins.

When a document starts to display similarities to other sources a matching profile begins to take shape. We not only record the degree of the matches but take into account any usages of paraphrasing and synonyms while checking for any other form of substitution.

When the process is finished, an analysis overview is generated and delivered to the teacher, either via the used learning platform or by email. The results of the analysis are presented in a comprehensible report so that the teacher can make the final judgement based on our analysis if any plagiarism has indeed occurred.

Purpose to prevent plagiarism :- 

Plagiarism exists when someone describes some other's thoughts or wording as though they were one’s own. It could be textual similarity, structural similarity or conceptual similarity.

Why is kind of practices it bad ?

One fails to assimilate all the knowledge and skills and does not give acknowledgment to the entitled person.

Why Prevent Plagiarism? 

Motivates students develop original thoughts and ideas – Enhance learning – Encourage students to use sources correctly and use references. 

Most of the Universities in India,  public as well as  private Universities have been given as trial access to anti-plagiarism software URKUND.

Final subscription to access the Swedish software will begin from September 1, 2019, as per the notice from the University Grants Commission (UGC).

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